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Privacy of Information Policy

This Club b website is managed by Macgregor Communications on behalf of Club b Inc.

Macgregor Communications postal address is:

Unit 1, 110 Cochrane Drive
Markham, ON CANADA L3R 9S1

The phone number is: 905-948-0470 or Toll Free: 1-888-443-6786

Macgregor Communications and Club b Inc. (Club b) are committed to preserving the privacy of the information of Club b members. The information collected through any process is collected with the intention of confirmation of one being a member of Club b and managing attendance at conferences, webinars and other Club b events including: event registration confirmation provision of ongoing services and maintaining communication and responding to inquiries for processing of payments for conferences or other events.

As a Club b member, you may receive periodic mailings or email messages from us with information on upcoming Conferences, webinars or information we feel may be of value to our members. If you do not wish to receive such information, please let us know by sending an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club b Inc. (Club b) and its’ analysts, chapters, partners, researcher’s, editors, staff and affiliates through its website, databases, reports, summaries, transcriptions, conferences, webinars and events exclusively offers ideas and research.

No content on this website or any Club b platform, event, site or reports or in any exchange in any medium should be construed as legal, tax, investment, accounting, scientific advice or fact. Club b does not sell investments. Club b does not give personal or specific or tailored investment advice or recommendations to any member and does not accept any responsibility to advise a member or members affiliates on the suitability of their investment decisions or transactions. A member is solely responsible for any of their investment decisions and anything that may result therefrom.

For greater exactness, any reference to a specific strategy or investment or technology or risk assessment is only to assist members in researching decisions. Club b is not liable for any loss incurred that is directly or indirectly related to use of our information, products or services.

Nothing on the Club b website, products, reports, summaries, transcriptions, conferences, events and company services constitutes a solicitation or offer by Club b to sell securities. Securities are only available pursuant to any necessary legal documentation, including an offering memorandum, and in accordance with all applicable securities laws.

Any action taken regarding the information from Club b or Club b staff members speakers and presenters should be undertaken only upon the advice and counsel of trained legal and or accounting and/or technology professionals and /or scientists and/or professional financial advisers/money managers.

Please be aware that some of the sites that you may link to on the Club b website or Club b products including although not limited to speakers and presenters’ platforms and products are not supported by Club b and are maintained by outside entities. Because the material made available on these sites is not under the control of Club b, we make no representation to you about these sites, or the material you may find.

The fact that Club b has linked to these sites does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any kind. The links to these sites is being provided only as a convenience to you and are strictly for informational purposes only. Club b does not support the information of any other website or company and shall not be held liable for damage occurring from any website it links to or is linked from. All Club b Inc. (Club b) content is considered strictly confidential and private and is not to be disseminated under any circumstance; kindly strictly refrain from posting any Club b content including but not limited to; reports, summaries, transcriptions, video, presentations or pictures to social media or any other form of media without the express written permission of the Club b.

''If I give you one dollar and you give me one dollar, each of us will only have one dollar. But if you give me one idea and I give you another idea, we will both have two ideas." 

Sr. Rafael del Pino y Moreno (Club b Madrid November, 2002)